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What Car Wax Polish Do you Recommend

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Hi Joe,

I use,

Body :  Meguiars gold class car wash to start, then Auto glym ultra deep shine, followed by Auto glym extra gloss protection. As an extra, I have my car a clay bar treatment once a year for a mirror finish.

Wheels/ Tyres: Meguiars endurance tire gel, Auto Glym alloy wheel cleaner.

Chrome/Chrome tail pipes: Autosol (as required).

Windows:  Auto Glym fast glass.

Leather:  Zymol leather cleaner followed by Auto Glym leather care cream.

Dash/controls/binnacle etc, I just wipe over with a damp micro fibre cloth and dry off.

Carpets: Any good household carpet cleaner is fine for marks.

micro fibre cloths to apply the above.

Its a mix of a few good brands to get the results I want.




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Hi Joe,

I had  a paint protection process done on my S Type, so I haven't needed polish  since June 2013.

I used to use AutoGlym products and use their shampoo.

I have heard good things spoken about Megulars and also Showroom Bright.

I also us the three bucket system  -- although the heavens are doing the rinse for me these last few weeks.


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Hi All

Cheers this gives me a good starting place

sometimes they claim polishes and waxes as miracle polishes

then when you buy them and try them, your quite disapointed

so its nice to see what other people have used


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Hi joe.

First clay your car to prep the surface and use tar remover . If money isn't to much of a concern I recommend Swissvax Onyx and Cleaner fluid regular. Next would be Wax Addict  Vitreo/Quartz then IGL Premier Spray Silica

I'll try to do a demo and buffing techniques video for the highest shine.


Alternatively Glass Coatings such as IGL Quartz means it doesn't need polishing for 2 years but is professional install product.

Attached is the Jaguar XF we coated in IGL Quartz 

Any Queries feel free to drop me a text or call (possibly text before with a suitable time to call back) on 07814167898 

2016-05-12 14.24.24.jpg

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I read all above year 2016 subject on a clay preparation, waxing brands, and shine brands. Should I do any one or more on my 2004 X - Type, forest green sedan?: My roof and trunk surface have large Florida rain & heat corrosion spots (paint is fading). I will get a full paint job 8 - 12 months from now, but don't want my surface to get any worst. Anthony


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