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Hmm... brown trousers time


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I was in The Princess going to work this morning, outside lane of the motorway. All of a sudden, I get an amber warning light and "Fuel Pump System Fault" in the display. Fuel gauge fell to zero as well.

Engine seemed to be running fine so edged over to the inside lane and slowed down, trying to control a certain sphincter muscle:wacko:

As the car trundled up the road, the £ signs were mounting up in my head.

I remembered that I'd let the tank drop a lot lower than I normally would, just the result of events conspiring to stop me re-fuelling, so much so that the distance remaining on the fuel comoputer was down to 80 miles.

I dived straight into the first garage I saw which was just off the motorway where I work and put £30 in (I would have filled her up but their prices are extorsionate). Switched on and fault cleared :yahoo:

Clearly, something to do with the fact that the fuel tank is of saddle-bags shape. The same construction on the Rover 75 was responsible for a lot of fuel pump problems as well.

I guess I'll not be running the tank down again.

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I have had the fuel gauge tell me fuel is low twice.     I use a Shell station 500 years away which is also one of the cheapest in the area, and so I usually fill up when it appears to be a quarter full.

I just don't like warning lights, as they seem to come on when your wallet is low on cash!


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What a bizarre setup.. I guess that arrangement would apply to petrol models?

Only once since I've had her, has the low fuel message appeared (that was the day I bought her) if the set up is the same, it may save, having to buy new trousers :oops: 

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I suppose at least you know that the fault reporting functionality is working even though you thought it was a wallet emptying situation. Bet £30 from a motorway service station didn't get you far? 

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