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Tow bar wiring on an S-Type


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Well, I thought it was going to be easy. It was easy... it just didn't work.

Can anybody clue me in to how to wire up a tow-bar fro an S-Type please (12N socket only).

Denis and I took most of today, well into darkness, getting his tow-bar fitted. I wired it up using a 7 way bypass relay module for negative switching and it just failed to operate any trailer lights, although the wiring was double checked, the by-pass relays were heard to click when the appropriate light was switched on and the 12N socket wiring was also correct.

The instructions failed to mention what to do with the white (ground) wire from the 12N socket but I tried it with the wire both connected to ground and also disconnected (floating).

I used a TEB7AJ bypass module and a TEB1 to provide 12 volts to the TEB7AJ I can confirm that 12 volts was getting to the TEB7AJ.

No wonder tow-bar fitting centres refuse to fit to the S-Type.

Has anybody had a tow-bar fitted please or better still fitted one themselves and can point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

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Hi Paul --Can I just suggest that you run a separate earth wire from the tow-bar to the

caravan and if you have one make sure its OK???? --Metal to Metal do it temporary to

see if it works --Just a thought.



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Probem solved.

It was all down to very poor instructions.

Moved the module ground connection direct to the battery and it all works perfectly.

There were a few other ambiguities and anomalies in the instructions as well but we worked those out yesterday.

Result? Tow bar wiring on the S-Type is in fact dead easy :yahoo:

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