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Hi Guys.

What is the best Engine Oil to put in my 2.5 S Type Sport (petrol)  Theirs that many types on the shelf i'm just Stuck as to what type to buy. Thought i'd ask the Guys in the Know!!! Your Help would be much appreciated. Many Thanks.  Mark


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Hi Mark, 

Jaguar recommend Castrol Magnatec 5W - 30, Fully synthetic, which is what I use. It is guaranteed for 20,000 miles although I change it more frequently.

I think there are a few more members who use the same.



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I've changed the engine oil and filter (MANN) on my 2000 (X reg) 3.0Ltr V6 SE auto using Castrol EDGE oil 5w-30 as recommend by the Jag main dealer! But I'm starting to wonder if this is the correct oil for the car!!! Can anyone give me some advise on this please as I don't want to mess up a 64k motor.


Any help would be very much appreciated 


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Jaguar recomend oil that meets the grade WSS-M2C913-B and usually its 5w30

castrol magnatec A5 grade meets that it will say jaguar ford WSS-M2C913-B

have a look on opie oil, theres for the jaguar all say meet WSS-M2C913-B

I dont think the one you have used will do any harm short term, but oil are designed to meet engine designs emisions and correct oils keep the engine internals cleaner and protect better due to meeting the engine design specs, like some engines are designed to burn small amounts of oil, to protect rings and bores, the oil that burns is made so that it wont soot the engine or damage cats or sensors



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