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heated windscreen


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can anyone tell me if this is correct very frosty this morning 0 degrees, turned on the from heated windscreen +full def - this is what happened only the drivers side cleared or should it be the whole windscreen



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Hi Neal,

I have just been out to see if any frost was left on my car, but none to  be found.  Just to see how mine worked because I rarely need to use the defrost.

But when My windscreen was replaced by auto glass there was only one electrical connection.



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fuses ok F14 F15 on the x type how can i check the relay (but there only seems to be one) R6 so thinking this is ok

possibly wiring fault or left hand element fault !!!  One relay two fuses

any suggestions welcome

fuse box X type.jpg

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Mine was the same. Remove the wipers and cowl. There are two connections, one in each corner. Check the electrical connection fastened to the bulkhead at the faulty side. Mine was impossible to split as it was corroded. I cut it off and used choc blocks, heatshrink and lots of tape to rewire.

Result, heated windscreen now functions correctly

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