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S type battery


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Hi guys,

To follow on from paul raistlins recent comments on battery issues..........

It is clear that my present battery has "given up the ghost" and is telling me by throwing up random faults and running less than perfectly. If I drive with nothing on such as radio, nav etc it seems to stop throwing messages. With this in mind it's clearly time to change the battery which is causing the issue and check out the alternator.

Does anyone know the best battery/ recommended battery for the 2.7 engine on a 2004? Ideally I'm hoping it's one I can get hold of easily so I can swap it out at the weekend.

Thanks in anticipation.



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Cheers gents. It's a minefield sometimes with batteries...some seem able to last and others.....well just don't. Will be looking into ordering ASAP.

always good to seek advice on issues such as this to ensure a decent replacement is installed to avoid issues along the line. I'm guessing also that the only things I need to do after replacement are re set the clock and the automatic handbrake?


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Hi Steve, 

Some people keep the power on by using a power pack.

After replacement of a battery you will have t reset all your settings, as the computer will have forgotten them.

You will need your radio code, as you volume and your radio settings will be forgotten, plus the sat nav and the windows one touch settings. The Handbrake has been stuck on on my car a few times and I have become an expert on resetting everything afterwards.  Paul has done a good write up on resetting after battery disconnection.



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Thanks paul,

Copied and ready for procedure.

Didnt realise I'd have to drive the car after I'd installed the battery...the hoops you have to jump through with some cars! Ah well hey ho.

will hope all goes well and fingers crossed.

cheers paul 

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