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Does anybody know what the dealer options for the S-Type actually do please?

I was looking through them in SDD and some of them are not obvious.


For example, what is:-

"dual electronic climate control moisture purge activation" ?


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well I think if i can remember, there all in the hand book

panic if enable is press the headlights button on the remote 3 times activates the alarm sounder and can be reset by switching ignition on

passive arming arms the alarm automatically by itself

not sure what key barrel is

intrusion sensors are the motion sensor in the roof light

battery backed sounder on or off

security sounder on or off

global closing on and off

two stage locking is first press unlock drivers door 2nd press unlocks all 4 doors

intrusion sensor sensitivity speaks for itself

automatic locking is doors lock once car is moving

dual climate can be accessed from climate menu

control moisture purge ????

reverse warning give a audible tone

electronic parking brake on off is when keys are removed automatically applies parking brake

last few are obivious

What i did find interesting was the menu "fold back mirrors" at the bottom of the pic





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"dual electronic climate control moisture purge activation"

What it does is to activate the heating fan if moisture is sensed in the air ducts.

Basically, the heating fan runs without the ignition switched on and with the doors locked, ie, completely automatically, until the moisture content falls below a certain level.

You can't switch it off.

Hmm... I think not. These cars are notorious for eating battery power at the best of times.

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