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Auto Transmission


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My S Type auto has developed sharp gear changes, but only when cold, it is fine when warmed up . As it is a sealed for life system I cannot check levels. Car done 80,000 miles, 11 years old.

Anyone help?

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Hi, Jaguar say it is sealed for life but it isn't. It can be easily changed along with the new sump cover incorporating the filter.

Your car sounds like it's ready for an oil change, willbe cheaper to have it done at an independent Jag garage .

I'm sure others on the forum more knowledgeable than me  will give advice shortly.


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Hi Kenneth,

David is quite right.  There are members who have changed the fluid in the auto gearbox at around 70k miles and say it has benefitted the car rather well.

Most garages should be able to do it, and if you have a friendly garage, make and enquiry.



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I think I would be considering a fluid change first Kenneth, as has been suggested.

It is a simple but fiddly task and you absolutely MUST get the correct fluid if you have the six speed transmission which I'm assuming you do, given the MY of your car.

If you can get the car off the ground you could do this yourself providing you have one of those remote temperature sensing guns, so you can monitor the transmission sump temperature.

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