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I am new to Jaguar, I own a Jaguar XF 3.0L V6 S.

So I was on my home to London from the East Coast and my car went into "restricted performance mode" 30mins from home.

I called jaguar assist and by the time I reached home a mechanic was waiting for me, he diagnosed a problem with my turbo charger and said my car will need to go to the garage. Within ten minutes of him leaving me Jaguar called me and said to drop my car off at my local Jaguar garage and a courtesy car would be waiting for me. 

I couldn't believe the level of service I was very surprised and I definitely felt like a valued customer!!. 

Just thought I would share my great experience dealing with Jaguar.

thanks guys 


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Hi Marvin, and welcome to the club.

The club is about sharing experiences, and it is nice to see a good one acknowledging good service - something I like to see.

My s type is now nine years old and is still tunring a few heads at the looks and quality of the car. I am probably biased as I love my Jaguar, and look after it so that it looks after me.

Please share your experiences as the club members will be very interested.




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Hi Marvin,

yest it is a great service. Had my first Jag from new covered with Jag assist, I was travelling home late one night and had a high speed front blow out on the motorway, I Could not get the wheel off so called them, the guy was with me within half an hour and changed the wheel, he took the blow out to my local dealer the following morning to have a new tyre fitted and I popped in and had it refitted during lunch . Really good and as you say, makes you feel looked after.



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