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Pleased to become a member of the jaguar owners club. 

I have an X-Type 2.0d estate. Got her rather cheap and she needed some work. So far she has had 4 x new brake discs, rear callipers, pads all round, new front springs, full service, terra clean and due for remap inc egr delete and dpf clean after payday. 

Few niggly issues already fixed, rear parking sensors didn't work - required a new module from the local breakers. Rear wiper didn't work - also new wiper motor from breakers. Rear boot glass wouldn't open but popped open on startup, initially I disconnected the switch but replaced the full module when I replaced the wiper motor - also from the breakers. 

All in all I am very pleased with the car, spacious smooth and main thing so far is things seem to have been easily fixed. 

One small (incredibly annoying) fault is a dash squeak/chatter from behind the dial cluster. I will create a separate post for this in due course. 

Pleased to help anyone out where I can and look forward to many discussions. 


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Hi and Wecome

Post some pics up

Rattles can be a pain, sometime by just removing it and putting it back can cure it

also you can get like a black cloth tape, I've this this on wiring and even put it over the clips and it stops them sqeaking/rattling



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Hello Ashley.

Welcome to the Jaguar Owners Club. We hope you find the forum useful and interesting :yes:

This may not be of help but I had a squeak / creak from somewhere behind the dash on my S-Type. Eventually traced it to the driver's side windscreen air vent. A tiny piece of Blutak squeezed under the edge of the vent cured the problem. Just a thought.

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Welcome to the Club, Ashley,

I hope you enjoy both the Club and Your Jaguar.

Rattles !!.  There used to  be an operative at Dagenham whose job it was to put a few nuts and bolts into spaces that would later be sealed so that the dealers would get some work finding out what the problem was.  At least, that is what I was told when I had 10 Ford Escorts in the seventies!



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