Squeaky suspension

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Hi guys I'm hoping you can help me. I have an 2006 3.0l petrol. 

I have a loud-ish squeak/creak coming from the front driver's side. So, thinking it's one of the bushes I grabbed some wd40 and started to test each bush one by one. Having soaked all of the bushes nearest the wheel and also the control arms nearer the engine, the noise is still there.

The other oddity is that I couldn't reproduce the noise by bouncing the car with my body weight. I'm at least 15 stone and I was rocking the car with some force...but the noise only occurs while driving, mostly when going over speed bumps! Has anyone ellse experienced anything like this?

I guess it could be the suspension spring itself but how would I test that?



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Try your front anti roll bar bushes, I had the same problem on my old S type.


also, don't use WD40 as it'll atack the rubber, best use a silicone spray. 

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What Andy said and check the drop links as well, outside chance they could squeak if worn, before clunking when completely knackered, but most likely anti roll bar bushes I'd guess...

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