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I am looking to buy a 2000 3.0 V6 petrol. Excellent condition and very low miles (56,000)

Is there anything I should be particularly aware of?

I already own an XF 3.0 S and the S type is to be a second car to avoid piling the miles on the XF.

Both cars are going with us to Spain so will be re registered onto Spanish plates.

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Just rust really, although warm climate and no mot type regs mean that won't be an ongoing problem. 

Sticking cam chain tensioners and a lurching gearbox will be the only things really.


oh, and working aircon!! 

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Thanks for your responses

Really looking forward to being Dave two jags.

Spanish MOT, known as ITV can be more of a problem that an MOT. They don't just check roadworthiness but also conformity. A friend of mine had his car fail because his tyres were 10mm wider than standard fitment. With that in mind, could someone confirm that standard fitment is 225 X 55 X 16


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I have just been talking to someone who reckons that pre 2002 facelift models are nothing but trouble. Is this the case?

I feel happier buying a 2000 model with 56000 miles than a 2003 with twice that, but maybe I'm wrong, so please, tell me now.

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The 5 speed box can be more problematic than the later zf 6 speed box but any problems are almost always rectified with a fluid change and filter, not cheap though at around £250 but cheaper than a new box.

Jaguar say there sealed for life but a fluid n filter around the 70k mileage sorts it. 

The older cars electrics are a nightmare if things go wrong, stuff like central locking and A/C tend to go wrong first. 

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Hi Dave

I had a 3.0 2003 s-type auto and when it got serviced my independent jag specialist gave me a pre facelift 2000 auto to have for a day.

I've heard many stories/ read reviews about how the post facelift models are much nicer... but in a direct and same day comparison I was pleasantly suprised at how well it drove and I quite liked the retro dashboard it was sporting.

I have heard mechanically they are more prone to suspension wear earlier than the post facelift model and I agree with Andy about the gearbox.

With such a low mileage the car must be worth a look though. 

Good luck!

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