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About to buy my 1st Jag, how good is the X-type?


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Hi, I'm thinking about buying my first jag, an X-Type, 2004, 2.1 V6, petrol auto. It's done 80k with a FSH and only 1 owner, comes with 6 months warranty from an independent dealer. I've read mixed reviews on-line about the build quality/reliability. How reliable are they and are the parts expensive? I only do about 5k miles per year.


thanks in advance.


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Hi Andy,

The early x types had some build quality issues, but these were soon fixed.

My first Jaguar was an X type 2.5 litre  petrol with which `I never had a problem on an 05 plate.

Many of the mechanical parts are Ford, which is not a bad thing, and not over the top,



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hi andy, i own a 2.0d x type on 54 plate.  on my test drive before buying, i ran the car up to running temperature then press every button and see if everything works? (good long test drive) brake test hard to see if car pulls to any side!...   listern to hear if there any knocks, thumps, squeaks, rattles, from rear or front of car.   lift up bonnet undo Oil cap and see if any slugde is present,( may have head gasket problem) other sign is coolant!  good look inside engine bay to make sure nothing is loose. check all levels, body wise its underneath, sills and wheel arches. any way just a few points for you, and good luck.

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Hi Andy and also do a MOT history check before buying to see what its failed on in the past

etc -I checked one and it showed it was wearing tires out on the inside edge on both front wheels and failed every year on it --




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