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Crankshaft sensor (and bracket) replacement


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Following on from this post, my car broke down last week and wouldn't start again.

The AA found error codes relating to the CRANKSHAFT sensor being faulty.

So, for the last week it has been in the garage (Halford's) to have it replaced, but it had to be ordered from Jaguar in Germany, so only arrived on Wednesday this week.

Anyway, it was fitted yesterday and now the car starts fine, but Halford's have told me that the bracket in which the sensor sits is a tad loose.

As fitting the sensor is by feel only, they said to replace the bracket would mean dropping the automatic gearbox, replacing the bracket and then refitting the gearbox.

Obviously the gearbox would have an Oil drain and refill with a kit they can get hold of.

My question is, has anyone else had to have the bracket replaced and if so, did it need the gearbox to be removed please ??



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OK, so they have replaced the crankshaft sensor, the rear Oil seal cover where it sits and put a new crankshaft ring on, but now they are having to find out how to line it all up.

Is there a link anywhere, as Jaguar are very slow in providing the information at the moment - it's been 2 days without any feedback.

Thanks in advance.


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So, the crankshaft sensor, new Oil seal cover, and new timing ring was fitted and the car was running fine, with all of the work covered under warranty.

Then on Saturday, the water pump gave out, so had to call the AA out again !!

That was replaced, again under warranty, but now I'm thinking about what else could go wrong, so I have decided to part with my S-Type after only 9 months.

I knew it was only a stop-gap until my next car, but I thought I would have had it a few years, but due to the amount of miles I do, I need a more reliable car.

This may well be my last post here, as I'm not looking to get another Jaguar as the next car, but who knows :)

Thanks for all of your help over the last 9 months.

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