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I've just joined the owners club today and delighted to be part of the family! I have just bought a Super V8 XJ and I'm having some issues with the garage I bought it from. I feel I am being fobbed off and need some advice from you guys.

I'm convinced the car is running too hot. From cold, i.e. left overnight, as soon as I start the engine, the temperature gauge needle goes straight to half, as in its already up to temp. After running for a few miles, there is an overheating smell entering the cab and the same can be smelt outside. The needle doesn't go above half and the coolant level is not altered.

I have returned it to the garage to check out ( not a Jaguar dealer ) and they have said to me the gauge will do that as it returns to the temp it was at at the last time it was run. Now this sounds utterly wrong, as I would say its only a capillary bulb unit and has no memory as such, also why would it do that as it gives a false indication? Please confirm I am right before I cause hell at the garage!


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Hi Scott

My STR all ways runs with the temp gauge at halfway, but in the morning its all way starts with the temp gauge at cold, all the way to the left

It only takes a short while for the engine to warm up, the V8's warm up quite quick

try switching the ignition on and waiting a while, if it does'nt drop with 30seconds then it sounds like you possibly have a faulty/lazy temp gauge



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Hi Scott--I would say you are being fobbed off by that garage -A temp gauge is there to tell you the

 true temp of the engine so should start from cold and then show the temp as it warms up .

and like Joe said i think you have a faulty gauge or perhaps a loose connection or faulty sender on the engine .????

You said the garage told you====they have said to me the gauge will do that as it returns to the temp it was at at the last time it was run.

That is so funny I have not heard that one before .Ha Ha .

I would go back Scott and be careful not to let the engine get too hot until its sorted.


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The temperature gauge on my S Type does go back to the temperature it was when you switched off the engine, but inside ten seconds or so reverts to the cold setting when the engine is started.

It then works as normal.


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