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Another retrofit


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This time it's the adjustable memory pedals :yes:

Adjustable memory steering column seems to be quite a frequent optional upgrade on facelift S-Types but not adjustable pedals.

Denis was lucky enough to drop on an S-Type for breaking which had the memory pedals so he took the opportunity to acquire the kit needed which is:-

Brake pedal box

Throttle pedal box

Control switch

As this was a retro-fit that I'd wanted from day one for the Princess, Denis found the required parts, surprisingly easily, on fleabay for me and after parting with a few quid, I had a set as well.

Let me tell you, having watched poor old Denis practically break his back doing the job, fitting the pedals is NOT easy and is certainly a job I wouldn't be able to attempt with a severely arthritic hip.

However, through sheer hard work and determination he managed to get his setup complete in Stacey's car. The instrument panel message centre even acknowledged the presence of adjustable pedals when the switch was operated. Unfortunately, the pedals did not move.

I had a look at the circuit diagram and decided that this was not a hardware problem but was software, in as much as adjustable pedals need to be activated in the car's setup.

The SDD software is by no means intuitive as to how this would be done and after several attempts I had to admit defeat. Here I'd like to acknowledge Joe's continued assistance in trying to discover the arcane mysteries of SDD.

It became clear that the pedals were activated for the car in the Front Electronics Module (FEM) so Denis had the idea to recover the FEM from the donor car which had provided him with the other hardware and upon connecting the new module to Stacey's car, the pedals happily moved backwards and forwards - RESULT :yahoo:

After Denis having gone through the backbreaking routine of fitting my pedals to the Princess, I was then in the situation of not having the linked FEM.

The breaker I bought the pedals from invited us to his yard where Denis and I painstakingly connected a total of 16 FEMs to the princess and tested for pedal movement one by one... with absolutely no success whatsoever. Not an entirely wasted trip as Denis acquired a few items that he wanted but that's another story.

I still hoped to get my pedals working one way or another but events overtook me a few days ago when we realised that the door mirrors on Stacey's car were not linked to the memory setup. That is to say, the steering column, pedals and seats all took up pre-defined postions upon selection of "Memory 1" or "Memory 2", but the mirors did not.

I went back to the Jaguar wiring diagrams and according to them, all the mirrors had the memory feedback components built in so we assumed that they would need to be activated to the car using SDD.

Unfortunately, schoolboy error, I didn't check that the battery in Stacey's car was charged, instead just connecting the battery charger as usual prior to starting an SDD session on the (mistaken) assumption that the low current trickle charge would be sufficient, not thinking that the battery would have self discharged having not been run for quite a while.. The battery failed when we were half way through the process of re-configuring the FEM in an attempt to get the mirrors working and for a few horrible minutes we both wondered whether the car would ever run again.

Denis got the battery charging via jump leads from one of his other cars and I re-booted the SDD. Switching the ignition on revealed multi faults on the car.

Luckily, by running the diagnostics on each indicated fault, one by one, we managed to get the car back to almost as it had been prior to the disaster. The only thing outstanding being... that the memory pedals did not work.

Following the somewhat counterintuitive SDD diagnostics routine I eventually discovered how to enable the pedals, carried out the operation and we then had the memory pedals back :yahoo: and breathed a sigh of relief, as you might imagine.

Within a few days, you will not be surprised to hear, my adjustable pedals were functioning as well.

The memory mirror? manual setting up of the FEM using SDD showed that the memory function did not differentiate between the various items of hardware and was, as you would expect, enabled. We found a few other interesting items in the FEM configuration as well.

There IS a difference in memory and non-memory door mirrors, despite the singularly unhelpful wiring diagrams, and Denis managed to replace the mirror motor assembly with one from a memory equipped mirror to prove it.

Yet again, my thanks go to Denis for all the work he put into getting this retro-fit to fruition.





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Yes there great, when you press the memory button, it remembers steering column height and reach, all the positions of the seat, even head rest height and both mirrors

and you get 4 memory positions as well 2 for each key, so you dont have press a button, if you have his and hers keys, it remembers the last memory no used by both keys

also if you leave the steering/pedal joystick in auto, every time you pull the keys out, the steering wheel moves out of your way, I leave this on steering so it does not do this.



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