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X type automatic gearbox problem?


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Hi,   I've got a 2003 X type, petrol, AWD Auto with only 50000 miles. Had it from new and it's been a good, reliable car. But I'm not sure that's going to last.

I think something's wrong with the transmission. I would describe it as feeling like the clutch slipping a bit on a manual transmission. The engine sounds normal but the power isn't always entirely getting through to the wheels. It's most noticeable accelerating around 10-20 mph.

Is it worth getting the garage to check the level of the gearbox fluid? I looked up how to do it in the Haynes manual but it's beyond my maintenance skills. Or is it time to look for another car?

I'd be very glad to hear your opinions.

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Hi Brenda, and welcome to the club.

There are members who have had the gearbox fluid changed at 70k which they say has improved the gearbox performance  -- that might do the trick.  It is possible, though, that it could be a clutch problem.

I would certainly have it checked out by a good mechanic.

Let us know how it goes.



P.S.  I have deleted the duplicate post for you.

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I'd change the auto trans Oil,

If the Oil is low on a auto it can cause the torque converter to slip too much

the Oil in auto it critical as auto is all mainly works with hydraulics and no or low means a drop in pressure and will cause lots of problems



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