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Battery light / loose wire


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Hi all. First time post and looking for some help please.

my car is a uk Jaguar x type 2005 2.0 diesel.

last night when driving in town, a smell came from the fan. We thought nothing of it, thinking it was from outside. Although it happened again a short while later.

Then, while engine idling, the battery light came on and the smell happened again.

we switched engine off and restarted. Engine light stayed off but came on after a moment.

We researched online and did the tests (engine on lights on press brake etc etc) but no dimming of lights.

looking under the bonnet today in daylight we can see a wire that looks like it's hanging loose but can't see where it should go. (Pic attached)

if anyone has any ideas or solutions I'd be most grateful :)



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Hi Lesley,

I have the same cable and connector on my 2008 2.2 x type and I think it is for some optional extra that is not fitted to my car.

I had a hot plastic smell after a slow speed journey and took it to garage and they suggested it was the dpf filter that was doing its regeneration at approx 600 degrees and not to worry. Its not done it since. I suspect that your car does not have a dpf filter. Was the engine temp gauge normal? Check that electric fan is working ok.

Hope this helps.



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Rodney is quite right. The  2.0 litre diesel engine in the x type meets the EU requirements without a DPF.  My son has one in his x type and if he was here I could check to where the wire should be connected.

Hopefully, an owner with a 2.0 litre D will help out here.  If your location was in your profile we could point you in the direction of a helpful garage.



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