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Odour from Air Con

David Roscoe

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Welcome to the club, David.

I have not come across this before, although I have picked up other odours during the muck spreading season.   I don't think it is normal and I would guess that it is a leak from somewhere.  Air cons will pick up any odours in the air.

Years ago when my company car was a Ford Escort, I used to cook chicken drumsticks and sausages wrapping foil on a biscuit tin  fixed to the manifold.  I could tell when it was cooked!

Tell us what the garage says.



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Hi David

Ive had this before, its a damp moldy smell

if you look on eBay, for air con cleaner, you can buy a spray that cleans and kills the smell, I used one on my mitsubishi and it did the trick

you basically put you heater on cold and full fan speed, its best to remove the pollen filter and spray it in there, it sucks the spray in and and cleans the aircon evaporator, thats the little radiator that get ice cold and all the moisture in the air, condenses on, this is where the water comes from when you turn your car off and you get that little pool of water, this moisture can go moldy and this is what causes the smell

there under a tenner usually



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