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PX horror


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Yikes--thought about p ex ing for a newer 4wd for missus ---2005 2.5 80k  looks and drives like new ---offered £ 1300. Can`t do it. its not neccessarily the money it just seems criminal for such a nice car. Think i`ll keep it and go with cash for a discount.

s type ad3.JPG

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Hey Tom,

Good call, in what type of crazy world is that car worth £1300! Must've been £30K when new and she looks tidy! Not a time to sell or PX an S-Type I think, and I'm sure Peter is right, they'll be appreciating soon :yes:.

Cheers, Russ

PS. I'm still hoping to add an X100 XKR coupe to the 'fleet', could be as early as the end of 2017, to coincide with my 50th in 2018. So hopefully these won't be appreciating to madly before I have a chance to get one! :thumbup:

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Should've gone for it when originally discussed Tom, values on the 4.2 seem to be rising fast! Hopefully something will come up nearer the time, or if the right one comes up, I'll have it :yes:

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