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Ostentatious? Moi?


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I have just joined the ranks of the "Blue Badge" holders and have gradually been getting over the guilty feeling of parking where I am perfectly entitled to park ;)

Apparently however, I ought to be ashamed of myself, or so I was told be a woman of about 35 - 40 who saw me get out of The Princess outside the local convenience store in one of the disabled bays.

Astonished I asked why and was told that, as a Blue Badge holder, driving the car I do was ostentatious in the extreme. Further enquiry revealed that, apparently, as a Blue Badge holder I am only entitled to drive the likes of a Nissan Micra, Ford Focus, Ford Ka etc.

I then asked why that should be and received a somewhat philosophical " 'cos you are a cripple"

I chose not to engage in further discussion.

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I have had the same, Paul.

This time it was a man who saw a Jaguar parked in Blue Badge badge bay and while I was queueing at the ATM observed that people who have Blue Badges should not have a car like that.

Keeping my face straight, I observed that he or she was probably a pensioners too, and they should not be allowed to drive cars like that.  We had a jolly little conversation and I was egging him on a bit, as he made a few suggestions as to what the Government should do about it.

He was rather surprised when I waved to him as I passed him while driving out of the car park!

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Well done Paul for keeping calm . Unfortunately i would have had a few different words than "  ostentatious " to say to her lol . I am usually very polite and courteous , but faced with abuse i can give as good as i get . As for Old Peter that's a classic ha ha made me smile anyway.

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