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White smoke when accellerating in lower gears


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I am getting white smoke when pulling away in lower gears, once I am in top gear and cruising normally then there is no smoke, other symptom is I am getting a slight lag on the turbo. Not sure why white smoke have been using slick 50 fuel additive to keep injectors clean and will be using slick 50 additive on next Oil change, would the lag on the turbo indicate a problem and be causing the white smoke?

Would be grateful for any information or if anyone else has had the same problem.



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Hi Alan

White smoke when accelerating and using the turbo to boost your speed is almost certainly worn turbo seals. At higher cruising speeds when turbo is not generally being used to boost speed, the white smoke all but disappears from the driver's rear view mirror but is it would still be there albeit much less. Get someone to follow you at cruising speed to confirm.

The turbo has a dedicated Oil feed (straight off the pump) and with the speed the turbo rotates, any wear in the seals would be exaggerated. If the above is confirmed then a replacement turbo would be required. a company called Turbo Active can normally supply.

Best of luck 

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Hi Alan, 

The colour of exhaust smoke does indicate a particular problem.  Black smoke is most likely to be burning more fuel than you should, and white smoke is usually a coolant problem, as David has quite rightly said.



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I would go with a coolant issue, with white smoke

Turbo seals usually gets blue smoke and soon followed with excessive Oil consumption

are you getting it all the time, now the weather has shifted to the cold, you will get a fair amount of steam/white type smoke, while the engine is cold, if it all clears up once warm, this is normal this time of year.

if its a coolant issue, you will get coolant being used, if your not using any coolant or Oil use, I would not worry too much



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Thanks for  all your suggestions and sorry for delay in replying but have been off line for a while found problem it was a split in the main turbo pipe and also found the partical filter in the exhaust was clogged used the Wynn's particle filter cleaner and replaced turbo pipe all now running fine feul consumption back up in th 40's MPg and no smoke white, blue or black. Thanks again for all your help.

Regards Alan

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