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X type Diesel Smoke Issues Please Help


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I am new to the forum and hope (1) I am in the right place, (2) Someone can help!
I bought my x type diesel sport 54 plate a few months ago. Naturally since looking for one I was over the moon when I got it.
At first I couldn't get enough of it but as time as gone on I don't enjoy the car but so much want to if I can get the problem solved.
I will give background info on what so far as this might help someone identify what the problem(s) might be and how I can check.
-The car had smoke issues when first bought so made it a priority to have it serviced. This included Oil, filters coolant etc as well as a brand new EGR valve, belt tensioner due to rattle and belt.
It still smoked.
-Having looked through the forums I came across suggestions to have the inlet manifold cleaned. Although mine wasn't electronic EGR I still had this done at the garage. When the manifold was removed they discovered a rag jammed inside the far right port as you look at the engine. It defied belief as to how the car was running as I had driven to Blackpool, Ipswich and London without problems other than smoke! Thankfully this was removed and manifold refitted.
It still smoked.
I then found on this forum the suggestion of a Jaguar specialist in Northfield Birmingham who was rated highly and took it there to get him to look at it and find out why. Hours later he told me that they could not find a problem and said the car is in really good condition and on a test run could not find any faults. He did suggest changing the pipe that comes from the EGR valve which he said he could source an original for £40 and would not charge for the check. Once done with labour and vat the price was another £100 down.
It still smoked.
- Next was to source the other pipe that runs from the EGR to the Turbo as I was told if it wasn't one it could be the other. Another £50 down and cost to mechanic to commence fitting. Once on the ramp he found the pipes that were on it were in fact in better condition that the one I bought so back to square one.
He then found that there was a leak from the manifold!
I bought all 8 new manifold gaskets and had them replaced, now leak free.
But it still smokes and I really don't have any ideas left or indeed a great deal of money to keep throwing at it.
The smoke I would describe as a light smoke. During the day I can drive normally and enjoy the car as you don't really see the smoke. But at night with headlights behind it is very visible. I guess the only way I can describe it is like cigarette smoke. Not white, Not black or grey. More like foggy colour but enough to put me off driving it or indeed enjoying it. I just let the car build up speed under its own conditions almost like how 80 year old granddad would drive on a Sunday just so I don't become a problem to others.
The car has no warning lights no management light pulls lovely and heats up great although I notice the temperature gauge does seem to stay on the low side all the time.
Oil and coolant levels are fine.
The car accelerates great. Although coming from a 1.8 petrol Mondeo this is such a big difference in power anyway I wouldn't know if its not as it should be.
I really am at my wits end.
A specialist cant find the problem. My mechanic cant find the problem.
Ideally I could do with someone who is a Jaguar owner/mechanic to have a look.
Naturally this side of Christmas doesn't fill me with much joy especially keep throwing money at it and not having the problem resolved or indeed be able to enjoy the car as I really want to.
It would really help if anyone can suggest what it might be. But just as important to tell me why and how I would go about checking their suggestion and more importantly with as little more outlay as possible.
Thank you for reading this and I await in anticipation.
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Hi Keith  First of all welcome to the club .

After doing just about everything I thinking have you thought about the Derv you are using ie --is the dev you have in the tank

OK .???----I would change to a different place to refill ????--and deferentially get the high grade it could make a difference.



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Hello Keith.

I'm afraid that I don't have an answer to your problem, but I wonder what mileage your car has done. Mine is on the same plate as yours. 54. It has done 218000 miles and under hard acceleration smokes like a ship laying a smoke screen. It is highly embarrassing and makes me cringe at night when, as you say, I can see the results in the headlights of a following car.  My car still goes like a train and is both quiet and smooth, just as it always has been. I don't notice smoke while driving steadily. I wonder if it is worn piston rings that are causing the problem. Could it be that under acceleration they can't cope too well?

I'm afraid that under the increasing barrage of hate for all things diesel, I'm beginning to feel guilty about driving my car. Driven sensibly I still get 57 mpg from mine and feel that that that alone is good enough reason for persevering.

It would be nice if someone could shed light on a proper reason for so much smoke under acceleration from an engine that for all intents and purposes still does everything well, but has a high mileage.



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