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Dealer morals?


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Please share , Emerald car sales , Wednesbury. This is a screen shot from a video I made stood with the dealer,  who was telling me that cable tying the fuel return pipe to the filter was perfectly safe and confident that this was a recognised warranty repair . Any thoughts ? Please note the jubilee clip , that's to stop the cable tie slipping off , he was proud to point out , note this isn't holding the filter in place , it's holding the fuel pipe on the filter


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If thats pipe is under pressure its dangerous, cable ties get very brittle with heat and it will break in the near future

if any fuel were to contact the turbochargers, then you would have a serious issue, turbochargers run really hot

if its coming off then the pipe clip has broken, these are designed  to push on and click into position

then you press the different colored part, to remove it

I would get a new hose clip end, can't be much its only plastic



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I take that back, them 2 pipes are £90 each, so eBay or a breakers for them

its number 7 I think you need, if you look on sng barret there just over £90

also if it was ok before it went to the garage, they should foot the cost, they broke it and left it unsafe






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