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I cant believe I own an XK

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Hi All

I've wanted an XK for since they were first launched, but not having £60k+ in my bank account (and having three kids) proved to be a bit of a problem!! Move on 11 years and the kids have all left home and so a few weeks ago I started to look around. I managed to pick up a two owner FSH 76k miles for £12,750 and its absolutely brilliant. Every time I look or drive her, I have a stupid grin on my face, which I doubt will ever leave me.

I want to thank all the contributors to the forum as I read lots of info and tips before buying and it helped me make a more informed decision.

One quick question, I've been thinking of getting a OBD2 fault reader, any suggestions as to which one? Trying to keep the cost down though as I've not much money left now!!!


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Hi John,

I have a basic cheap one costing £20.  I am now thinking of getting one that has been recommended =---- Carsoft is its name and will cost around £145, but I am told it has quite a few functions that a cheap one has not got.



Lancastrian in Exile.

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Well done John

Like you, we both still have a silly grin on our faces each time we venture out in our XK (see our post titled "Oops, ever felt you were in the wrong place!"   It was, indeed, a feeling of disbelief when we took the keys of our '07 6600 mile X150 just one year ago.   We spend most of our time, when out on our trips, with the windows down and the radio/cd off....can't beat that lovely burble.

A hearty welcome and do enjoy the club...we have found it very entertaining and helpful for both our XK and our equally cossetted S.

Do watch out for those alloys though!   Enjoy the paddles.

Very happy growling

Carole & partner



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Hi John

Looks great !!!

As for the OBD , all the generic cheap ones will work fine for engine fault codes and descent ones can be had for less than £30

If you want a more serious tool, then the mongoose lead and software, can be had for about £80 to £100, but this will read every module on the car, will do everything Jaguar can, as its the same software, only draw back you will need a laptop with windows xp on it, you can use windows 7 and 8, but you have to use something like VMWare, but its not as stable



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Hi John.

I have the Icarsoft reader and it has worked well for me with general code reading MIL reset and live data. It seems that the Mongoose is available now for around the same price so maybe this would give you more for your money?

Great looking car BTW.:yes:

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