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I've just been sorting out my ftp and have now setup a single source for all of my Jaguar Technical and Maintenance.

I didn't produce most of them myself, they are just my gleanings from various sources. Acknowledgement is given where appropriate.

Just click on the link below

What you see is what you get. If it ain't there... you could always PM me, I might have what you're looking for 😉

My Jaguar Stuff

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Hi Raistlin,

Just came across your posting but the link appears to no longer work.

Do you have any manuals, parts explosions, etc. for a 2001 S-Type?

Also do you know of any resources for obtaining replacement parts for a 2001 S-Type?

Any help appreciated.


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Good morning!

I am also interested in the 1998 XJ8 Technical Guide, but the FTP link appears to be broken or out of date unfortunately...

May I kindly request a PDF of that year's Technical Guide, if you happen to have one in your files? I would tremendously appreciate it!

Thank you,

-Nicholas Zachary Nittolo

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