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Which one should we go for?


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We are looking at buying a XF jaguar but want to make sure we know the ins and outs of this model. We cannot afford a new one much to our regret but probably one about 5 years old. Can anyone give us a heads up of pros and cons and which model to look out for. Many thanks in advance 

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Hi Sally, and welcome to the Club.

I had the XF3.0D S, and found it superb. However, what length of journeys do you do? Short journeys will cause problems with the diesel particulate filter, so if that is your kind of usage you would be better off looking at a petrol engine.

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Seems by some of the replies, but sorry guys i don't think you've read the post properly.

Sally is looking for a 5 year old car the links are showing specs for second generation from 2015, the video is showing pre facelift.

I have recently bought a 2012 62 reg 2.2 premium luxury. I spent ages looking for the spec that I wanted. In my opinion this is the car to go for it has more extras then the luxury or sport versions for e.g heated front screen, power fold mirrors, to name but two. I'm not 100% sure but think with the portfolio, the only difference is piping on the seats and a few extra little trims.

Also you have to consider economy, the 3.0 is thirstier and higher on Tax. I find my 2.2 with 200bhp powerful enough.

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