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Jaguar xf 4 problems


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Hello all!

Happy new year for all

Im new in this forum. Never have any problems with my black cat (Jaguar) 🙂 driving 10 year my cat. And now she start play with me have 4 problems what can't explained how to sorted.

1. Back doors not closing/opening all rest working fine. Check motor for door all working good check all cable whats coming to door.

2. Bonnet warning light come on dashboard and all time shows its open but its not. Try to find sensor under bonnet but can't see where's thinking maybe sensor stack

3. After 30 min of driving when engine worm up comes warning light "performance restricted"

4. Start drinking a lot of antifreeze looks like somewhere he leaks but nothing under car


Thanks for all ideas


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back doors are most probably stiff motors, spray some wd40 in them and they will free off, its a common problem

restricted performance will be just pure guess work, you need to get it plugged in to see what the actual problem is

water, it got be going somewhere, have you checked the oil, does it still look ok, not gone milky, also most probably keaking underneath, you wont usually see it on the floor as they have plastic undertrays which will hold the leaking water, if i remember right xf have plastic pipes tha fail, if not that a hose or expansion tank, good garage should be able find and sort it



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