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Braking Woes - 2010 XFS


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So... 3 weeks ago i was getting that much wheel wobble i was exiting the car like a Thunderbird puppet so took the car to our local tyre guys, who then re balanced the wheels.. A little buckle in 2 of them, but nothing major... Off i went...

Last week.. It re appeared... " i cant have thrown a wheel weight (or all of them) .. Surely?"

Nope.. Took it back in on Saturday to see if the disks were warped...I wont even comment on how HOT the brake discs were, but lets just say i could have fried a steak on them...

Got back home.. .Stripped the wheels down..concluded the following...

  • Brake piston dust seal has come adrift on both sides
  • Corrosion and dirt allow the piston to expel, not retract
  • Resulting in binding brakes
  • Resulting in judder between 35mph & 55mph
  • Stripped the calipers down
  • Brake heat has melted the caliper paint, which i turn fused the outer pad to the caliper
  • Piston seal just about to give up due to excessive heat
  • Replaced piston, seal and cleaned up
  • New pads 
  • Bled the system
  • Now 100% efficient - with no wobble at all
  • Braking system overhauled at a MD 13 months ago - "told you so" my mother would have said

I was pleasantly surprised as i am using Brembo discs in favour of the OEM Jag ones as their build quality is actually better.. Given the fact that they got so hot and the run out on the discs is minute - Even the garage guy was speechless...

Moral of the story... check all the little things

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Hi Alex,

This is very similar to what happened with my 2011 XF-S.

Bought it last October, was fine for a couple of months, but the developed a shudder when braking. Almost at the same time, the right rear brakes seemed to lock on, causing immense heat in the disc and even the wheel.

Took it back to the indy dealer I bought it from who replace all four discs and eight pads. Not covered by warranty, so cost me about £600. Can't put a price on safety though, so not too upset really.

Brakes superbly now though.

As an aside, the previous owner (one owner car, owned by a doctor, no less!) had been fitted with really cheap tyres - 'Triangle', made in China, totally useless in the wet, so replaced them with Pirelli P-Zeros within a month of buying the car - handling transformed!

Glad yours is sorted now like mine is!


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I have Landsail fitted to mine, more efficient that Pirelli, lower noise, great in all conditions - I stuck a full set of 'no expense spared' Pirellis on another "not very slow car" a while back and it lunched them after 6000 miles - and at our age, we dont really drive like teenagers anymore.. 😄

I was all set to have the wheels straightened and refurbished, the discs were being sent back under warranty etc etc... Didnt even occur to me at the time that a £3.75 part was ultimately to blame... 

But... we live and learn, i think i am more impressed that the Brembo discs are still laser straight after all that grief i have given them....

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I dont think a main dealer would strip and rebuild calipers

they would just replace, so at a guess they would of not serviced the calipers

they would clean and fit new pads

garages are not what they use to be and unless you stipulate what work you want, will do the least

at least if you do yourself as you have and also I do, you know they have been done right

well done on sorting it yourself, job well done

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