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leaper removal?


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Hi all,

I've just purchased my first Jag, a 2006 XJ Sport (2.7L diesel).

Anyway, I know it's a "marmite" subject, but a previous owner has fitted a "leaper" to the bonnet, and I'm afraid I'm not keen.  Just for me, on this vehicle, it looks a bit too "showy" for my liking, and I'm also concerned about the possibility of damage being caused, if some idiot did try to forcibly remove it.

So I'm after a bit of advice - I haven't yet managed to remove it (it's secured from underneath by a large bolt - I don't have the correct size/depth socket) - but I believe there will be two holes in the bonnet.  Ideally, I'd like to get it filled/sprayed, but suspect this will be expensive.  In the meantime, I'm thinking of covering the holes with a "growler" badge of some description.  Not ideal, as there's already a small one just above the grill.  I've purchased something which I thought would be suitable, an "XR851456" - I believe from the grille of the S-Type.  It's arrived, and unfortunately, I hadn't realised that it wasn't flat, which I imagine is what I would need.

Just wondered if anyone else had done similar with any degree of success, and, if so, any advice they could offer - and perhaps an alternative badge that would do the trick?

Thank you in advance!


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I had a customer who would not buy new XJ's from me unless I fitted his leaper on the bonnet and he changed his car every 8-10 months !

This meant that I had a part exchange with holes in the bonnet, I seem to remember that I used a bonnet badge from the 1999-2002 S-TYPE to cover the holes, which was a perfect fit ?

Only thing is, I think the badges say either 3 litre or 4 litre, this was okay on the 3.0 V6 XJ but would look wrong on a 2.7 of course !


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I removed my dreaded Leaper by taking the large plastic nut off then using dental floss to cut through the unbelievably strong double sided tape,Just use a gentle sawing action and work your way around it. What's left of the sticky tape cleans off with white spirits. I took mine off because I was having the bonnet resprayed. I would have loved to have left the B$&&$y thing off but the paint shop were none too keen to fill the holes as they thought they would always show through. I suggested that I could place an aluminium patch underneath and weld it through the holes using the Aluweld kit but they convinced me that the bonnet would distort. I suspect that the Paint Sprayer just liked leapers but anyway it's still there  :pissed:  smirking at me every time I look at it, As mentioned by Jon the S Type badge fits perfectly and I got one off Ebay which I'll fit if the smirking ever becomes unbearable.

To spray the bonnet BTW cost £330 but they made a cracking job of it. 

this is how it looks with the badge. A bit BMW for my liking :scared: I know        Some people are hard to please.




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Thanks for the replies - I should have posted an update myself by now, so here goes.

I looked into getting the holes patched, along with a partial respray (blended in along the lines), and was pretty convinced that the sprayshop I went to would do a good job, but at around £300, with no guarantee of a perfect finish, I decided against it.

Instead, I started researching compatible badges.  The most obvious was the S-Type, but as "The Voices" mentions above, the badges state the engine size (or "supercharged"), none of which apply to my 2.7 diesel!  Finally, I found that the old XJS had a badge of the right size, and with the same hole pattern.  I managed to track one down on eBay, though it was missing the "cup washer", which took a bit of finding - finally getting it from the USA!  Must admit, the installation was fiddly to say the least, but I'm pleased with the result. 

I reckon I can live with it - I would much prefer nothing at all, but when I do have a spare £300, I'm sure there will always be something more important to spend it on car-wise, so I can see it staying as it is now. I certainly prefer it to the leaper - though in hindsight, it was a handy guide as to roughly where the end of the bonnet was! :-)


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