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Lots of brake dust


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Hi guys, got my new XKR 2 days ago. Absolutely love it. But there's one thing that bothers me. All 4 of my wheels are covered in brake dust. Im not driving any differently to when I drive my Mazda MX5. That car hardly ever spewed any brake dust and I used to drive that hard frequently. Is this normal for a XKR or is it do with the quality of the pads? Its only ever been serviced by a Jaguar dealer or specialist. It's a 2009 model and only has 29000 miles on the clock. Cheers for any help on this

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Hi Jason....welcome to the Forum

6 hours ago, Leo said:

They do produce a lot of brake dust. You can change to third party pads that produce far less: I can’t remember the name, but members will doubtless advise.

Leo  Greenstuff, Redstuff, EBC are a few brands that come to mind and don't produce much dust along with enhanced performance.
However, the trade-off is that these types of pads are harder material and take longer to warm up so can be quite ineffective until warmed up.

Cheers,   Trevor

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Thanks Guys, I found something in a post this morning mentioning red stuff, yellow stuff etc. Somebody was saying that they had to get a grinder to cut a space for the sensers. 😕 I hope this isn't the case for the XKR. Can someone tell me that its A straight forward fit. And also If possible, whats the difference between red stuff, yellow stuff and green stuff. Are they different grades? does someone know the part number for a 2009 5.0 litre supercharged XKR cheers again.

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I went through 2 sets of OEM discs/pads on my 2008 XKR 4.2 tracking it around Goodwood Circuit over the last couple of years.

A local specialist recommended switching to EBC Yellowstuff pads and grooved discs.  The pads are for heavy road/light track use, and the discs are supposed to cool down quicker.  They still produce dust - more at the start while they bed in, but they have survived one very intense track day so far.  

See  https://ebcbrakes.com for full explanation of their colour coding and products.

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