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Hello I am Rob based in Staffordshire. I bought the car I have always wanted 12 months ago, a 2011 XK Portfolio Convertible 5.0 NA, Indigo Blue with Ivory Interior and I am not disappointed, its a dream to drive and a dream to look at from every angle.

I am based in Staffordshire and when I bought the car I looked on line to find a Jaguar club/group to join and found that there are far too many, I joined a couple but its nice to also be part of one that has " owners club " in its title.

Its only my second Jaguar, first was a MK 2 many moons ago which was sold on and I wish I still had 

I attended a lot of Jaguar and classic car meets during the summer months and my car will be mostly be in the garage during the winter as I want to keep it looking good but I will miss driving it as much as I have been.

Not much to modify on a Portfolio as it already has more than I will probably ever use, but I have added so far the remote hood unit which also gives control over the rear quarter lights, and a Bovee 1000 to bluetooth music to the cars stereo, both additions work fine.


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Hi Rob, and welcome to the Club!

Your XK is the same colour inside and out as mine, which I believe is simply the best combination.

I have had mine for over five years now, and still love it as much as ever.

Enjoy both your XK and the Club!

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Hi Rob and welcome to the club.

We live on the Staffordshire border so I will look out for you.  My S Type is Indigo Blue with Dove Grey interior - the same as Ivory with a different name.

The JOC is a friendly club, and you will get some useful information, and we hope you share your experience with other members.





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Hi Rob....welcome to the Club

Old Peter is probably the best chap to advise on meets in your area as he does sometimes arrange some within the Midlands but generally there are not many others planned as yet.

Feel free to organise something in your area if you wish and we can help to promote it 

Cheers,   Trevor

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