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will a new battery resolve all the issues on my jag xf

mikes car

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hi there

as a new member yet an 5 year owner of a 2013 jag xf 2.2 could anyone help me. The stop start function does not work, I also have inconsistent vents opening, and a message on the display screen "system will shut down in 1 minute" appears randomly; I have approached my local dealer and they recommend a new battery at a cost of £434 inc fitting, 1 hours labour; but I can alternatively use a local national battery supplier to replace my battery at a cost of £170 fitted (stop start platinium battery). What should I do?. I also need assurance that a replacement battery will alleviate all above issues on my car.

Thank you in advance.


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Did you buy the car privately or through a dealer ?   If you purchased through a dealer, they should replace the AGM battery under warranty.    When i bought mine from a main dealer, the stop/start didn't work and I was forever getting the shutdown message as you are experiencing. ( it was failure of the dealer not to have spotted this problem during  pre delivery inspection but that's another story )    I  returned the vehicle to the dealer and they replaced something called a gateway which controls the stop/start and installed a new battery which rectified the stop/start feature and stopped the shutdown message.  This message is displayed  when the battery is low on voltage and will stop features such as the climate control working properly.  If you bought privately I'm afraid it will be quite an expensive fix ( as is anything jag related !) and I would suspect the former owner did not reveal the stop/start function was not working as they probably knew it would not be a cheap fix.   Keep us posted as to how you resolve this. 


Just re read your message and realised you have owned the car for 5 years so warranty would not be available.  Did the stop/start work when you first got the car?   If it is a recent problem ,  the replacement  of the gateway and new battery should resolve your problem. 

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If your keeping the car, you cant go wrong with replacing the battery

I bought my battery from the the battery mega store, it was a agm battery and its been great and the prices are also great https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/

batteries on these cars cause all kind of issues, especially if its a diesel, they take so much out on start up

also some cars have two batteries, maybe be worth getting both checked

theres no guarantee a new battery will cure it, but its the best place to start and cures most problems like this



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I also have a MY13 2.2d XF which i acquired about 18 months ago.  When I got it the Stop/Start worked fine but a few months ago it stopped working.   I have Ctek smart battery charger which on connecting to the Main Battery advised that it was either "heavily Sulphated", "could not be charged" or "could not hold a charge".  The car was performing fine and started ok but as the battery was obviously the problem with Stop/Start.   I ordered an Exide Replacement Battery from Tayna Batteries on line for £136 which was delivered next day, I fitted it and Stop/Start has worked flawlessly ever since. 





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