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Reversing Camera Install


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Hi All,

I have been looking for some time now to find a reversing camera kit for my 2016 Xf R sport, I have recently found one! and would like to share my experience.

Most of the kits i have looked at online, are kits that are installed for you, I wanted a kit that i could install myself.

The cost of the installed kits are upwards of about £500, I have found a kit that can be fitted yourself for £320, and a very proffesional kit it is too!!

It is worth pointing out straight from the start that it is quite an involved Job, requiring the removal of a lot of pieces of trim around the dash/ boot area.

You need to be a keen DIYer to undertake this job, however once completed you are rewarded with a very profesional installation. (as good as the Jaguar kit).

I would allso recomend that you attain a plastic pry tool kit, readily available from EBAY.

The Company i chose to purchase from is Empirical in car technolgy in Scotland. The Md is a fella called Dougie, (and is extreemly helpfull).

I think it is fair to say that i have no conection with this CO , other than i have purchased from them, and want to pass on a postive experience.

If you visit there website you can see what is available, my car has the 10" touch screen, this is not shown on there site at present , only the 8" but the method for removing the screen is similar.

When you purchase the kit, it comes with instructions and photos of how to dismantle various parts of the dash,.(all on USB stick), and a phone call to dougie to help when needed.

You dont need any electrical skills its all just swopping plugs over (plug and play)

Empirical allso fit as well, only of use to those who live up NORTH.

I have sent a short video and photos  to Empirical, he is going to put them on his website.

Hope this helps other members proposing to install a rear view camera.

regards to all !


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Well done you, i've heard that to add Mods to the X260 XF is very difficult because wiring looms are made for individual cars.

I won't need this as i've got the Reverse Camera, but i'll have a look on their website and nice to hear that they are in Scotland.

Many thanks for adding this to the Club.

Regards Tom.

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Thanks for this success story. Very interesting and informative as I was of the understanding that you could not add mods as looms were ‘individual’ to each car.

Is there a forward facing camera lit do you know?


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Hi Clive ,

The kit i installed was for the X260 model 2016 on, i think the kit i installed could have a front camera installed as well,

you would need to go to the IEmpiracal website for your model.! good luck.


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Hi all - just found this as recently purchased an x260 without reverse camera. Unfortunately the kit does not work on the 10" touch pro with dual view - bugger!

Anyone know of a kit that does work with this screen?

Thanks in advance.


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I thought the Prem Lux version did, having watched a dealer video for a used version of the same model on YouTube which did have one, and didn't check before I purchased. 

I've been looking for a wireless one so very little wiring will be involved, but haven't managed to find one suitable so I've decided that I've managed for 40 years without one, and the alternative sensors + graphic display does the job quite well, so I've decided to stick with what I've got.

The only issue for me is it gets a lot closer to the object than my previous car did before the solid beep kicks in, so I've come within a couple of mm of hitting what's behind me a few times but it's something I'll have to get used to. 

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