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S Type stationary car noises.

Alan huxley

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Since I bought the car in February, it makes two types of noises when stopped and engine off. 

First is a noise like water settling, gurgles and glugs. (all the fluid levels are correct)

Second one is occasional clicks, I'd describe like a hard drive, or CD stop start. Have listened but cannot pin anything down. (This also happen when driving )

The car drives perfectly. There are no warning lights or error messages on the dash and the car has been serviced and also had a ECU warranty repair with nothing mentioned by the mechanics.

On all my other cars over the years, the only previous stationary noise was the air-con fan.

Anyone else have these noises ?




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gurgling is usually air in the water system, theres specific bleed point to let air out

click might be climate, it alters flaps and even can start the fans if it setup to do so in dealer setting, so might be normal

what engine do you have



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Hello Peter,

Thanks for your reply. As I said it's being going on since February, I was content that it was mainly water settlement, but Sheila was unsettled by it.

Going to have a look for the bleed valve, when it stops raining.

Being a Lancastrian, you'll know about that. Our town is Waterfoot, , quite right too, usually over the 12 inches.




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That noise is usually the sound of the cooling system that runs for about 5 minutes after you shut the engine off to properly cool the engine to keep from overheating when the other cooling mechanisms have been shut off.  I have noticed it more in the summer time but it does happen on hotter day anytime of the year.

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I used to have the click noise from my climate air flaps all the time. I put it down to the car having stood for a while with the flaps stuck in one position before I bought it. I have tried changing the air distribution from Auto to any of the other settings e.g. when at traffic lights with nothing else to do and now the clicking only happens occasionally. Things also improved after I ran the car without a cabin filter and put the fan on max to see if any bits of dirt were dislodged. Some stuff came out of the vents and I was glad I had my specs on!

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Morning Christopher,

Thanks for your post, the clicking is still going on, although the gurgles have almost disappeared.

I will find the pollen filter and remove it and give the flaps a full workout. I'll let you know the result.

Happy miles with you new S.


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