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NO Driver's Side Functions Work


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I have read alot of forums the last couple of days trying to see if there is anything similar.  So far, nothing that is the exact issue that I am having.  First, my battery hasn't been disconnected and this has just randomly happened.  When I lock my doors, I get the pause and then the 2 beeps.  When this happens, the passenger side doors work normally but the driver's side doors do not lock.  When Im inside of the vehicle I can use the central locking to lock the passenger's side, but the driver's side still will not lock.  My window controls do not work and my driver's seat moves in increments.  This is my last step before going to the dealership.  Any help will be appreciated.

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Welcome to the Club, Everette,

This problem is quite curious, and hopefully one of the members with electrical expertise will be able to assist

I can only guess that it could be a fuse or another part of the electrical system has failed.

I have never had this problem with my s type.




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So after going through alot of forums and doing alot of research, I came up with nothing.  I tried all the resets and suggestions that I had seen with similar issues.  I broke down and took my Jag to the dealer this morning.  Well I just got a call saying that it was complete.  At first, I was kinda mad because they fixed the issue without even letting me know what the issue was.  Then I found out that it was a crimped (broken) wire in the door jam.  I only came out of pocket $208 in total.  Much less than expected.  Thank you all for your help and suggestions.

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