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Fault codes


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Welcome to the club, John.

It appears that you are having a problem with your EGR valves.

A quick solution is a Millers Additive to your engine -- Diesel Power Eco Max.

I am assuming that your car is a 3litre Diesel   If so, there are two EGR Valves.

Let me know how you get on.



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Hi John,

I forgot to ask one question. I should have asked you is the fault giving a problem with the engine --  poor performance etc. Or is there a warning such as "Restricted Performance" ?

I don't think disconnecting the battery would help at all.

I had an issue with my S type when the Message was "Gearbox Fault" and "Restricted Performance".  My mechanic, who has been looking after my cars for 19 years, asked the question about car performance which was still perfect and his thoughts were "if the car was not performing well it looks like a big problem, but if it is performing well if could be that an old issue [I had used the manual gear system too much] is letting the OBD2 reader bring back the codes.  The codes just needed erasing.  I have a cheap OBD2 code reader which erased the codes.

What you have had done seems to be the correct thing to do, but has it been done properly.  If they erase the codes for you, the car should not give out the details of an old issue.





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Hi yeah can run fine with the engine management light on and the mpg are good up in the late 55mpg on a run . Yeah they clear the codes but come back on after driving 20 odd  miles and more .think it worth getting a fault reader and clearing in myself ? Many thanks john

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Hi, I had multiple engine, anti lock  brakes,  gearbox faults showing. My guy  found that a low battery charge was the problem.  Replaced and all sorted

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On 11/11/2020 at 8:13 PM, johnsaundersno1@gmail.com said:

Hi thank you for replying. It’s a 2.0 litre 180 bhp diesel 2016 . The garage put two new egr valves on plus sensors but fault still come up every time they re set it  after drive it 20mlies + any ideas ? Many thanks john

Hi, I had the code (P049B) on mine this morning XF R Sport 2.0. Called and spoke to a company called Jagtech (who are trust worthy) and he said this has happened a few times and they have done exactly what you did but the error code kept popping up even after replacing parts. Their advise to me was just erase the code with the OBD 2 reader and keep an eye out if it repeats. Apparently it usually sorts itself out. 

The only thing I can think of that lead to this moment was that I have been driving around on ECO mode for about 3 continuos weeks. Even though they say it's harmless... I have switched back to normal mode and gave the car a good run after erasing the code. went 0-70 rapidly to clear any build ups (for legal purposes: I never go over 70 mph haha)...

The car has been performing fine and the error hasn't popped up again. So I hope that fixes the issue. 

I was once told by a long term Diesel (Jaguar) car user that you should let the steam out every now and then for these cars as otherwise you see these little issues...

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