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I’ve fallen out with esure insurance, they tried to up my renewal by nearly £300 for claiming for a chip repair, even though I’ve got protected  no claim discount. Any suggestions for a decent (!) insurance company for an F Pace S? 

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I have gone with Adrian Flux, seem OK, polite and knowledgeable staff.

Avoid Hastings Direct, my neighbour warned me and I found out myself. I do not recommend them.

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For what reason would you avoid Hastings Direct, Aubrey? I've been with them for the past year and had no problems, although I had no reason to claim for anything.

I did have to pay £30 for a minor change which I thought was a bit of a rip off as I'm the one doing the work - I doubt that anything much happens to the new info once you've posted it - but then they all quote similar fees. 

I have just received a quote from Adrian Flux this time around, and given that protected NCB is included, it was a full £35 cheaper than Hastings Direct, who were the cheapest last time. 

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Got mine with Footman James, on a classic policy, agreed value, covers a lot that other wont, very friendly uk staff.

If you a member of the JDC you get a great discount, my S-type R  all covered for less than £200.




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