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Hi guys, so I'm a long time jag lover,  first time buyer.  I've set my mind on the 'xf s', firstly any thoughts on this,  is this the top of the range model? I'm looking around 2016, I have up to around 18k to spend.  I've seen a beautiful one on AT for 17k with 86k on it.  I've never brought a car for that much before or with those miles on.  Do you think this is to high mileage,  even for a 3.0 diesel? Anything I should be looking out for? 


Looking forward to your input and thanks

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My present XF is on 78000 and is running like a dream (3.0 V6)

My previous XF was on 158000 and was running perfectly when I sold it. (3.0 V6)

These cars need care and attention and will repay you in reliability. Don't maintain them and you'll pay through the nose.

2016 @ 86K sounds like a motorway cruiser so all should be well if you get proof of regualr servicing in my view.

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As Paul says, if you look after it you will love it 🙂

IMHO that sounds a bit pricey. Have you checked out the used approved Jaguars? eg https://www.marshall.co.uk/jaguar/used-cars/12848310-jaguar-xf-2.2d-200-portfolio-4dr-auto/

Also take care with the "S". I think it should refer to the 300BHP version of the V6 but there are also "sport" versions such as mine which is actually bodykit (basically a different nose and sills) which looks nicer but is not the V6 "S". Personally the 2.2 200bhp works really well and is cheaper to maintain as only one EGR, manifold etc.

Whichever you get I am sure you will love it as long as you maintain it

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I'm no expert but I have to agree. I just bought an 09 plate with 52k miles on it for just over £7k, Prem Lux model. Paintwork has a few scuffs and scratches but I would have thought you could get one with much lower mileage than that for the money. My advice would be don't just jump at the first one you see and keep a little back for potential repairs. 

The range can be a little confusing as they seem to have chopped and changed it around a bit, and I was just slightly disappointed with the Prem Lux kit, I thought it had a few things as standard that it doesn't have and I would have liked, mostly the reverse camera but a couple of other things like Xenon headlights, premium stereo (but the mid range one is pretty good but no DAB radio), cooled seats etc. so given the choice again I'd go for the top model. 

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2016 is the newer version with the j front lights and wiggle ones at the rear. 

They don't make the v8 petrols anymore which is a shame, but a diesel with that mileage should be fine if it has service history. The 3litre engine unlikely to be under much stress.

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