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Jaguar xf S 3.0 diesel


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Recently acquired my 2nd xf [2013] but find that refuelling takes forever as garage pumps constantly cut out as if the tank is nearing full. Any experience or solution for this? Secondly, the info/media display always reads once the ignition is on that the battery is low and the system will shut down after 3 minutes unless the engine is started, which indeed it does. had both batteries checked and they are fine. Can this be programmed out ?

Thanks from a new member.

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Hi John,

First problem - refuelling - it's the misfuelling prevention device in the neck of the filler. Someone must have tried adding petrol rather than diesel at some point. There's a yellow lever on the battery that sorts it out, instructions in the manual say to push it into the filler and remove.

As for the 'shutdown in 3 minutes' message, it's nothing to do with a bad battery, it's just protecting you from a flat battery. The car uses a lot of battery power and the audio system is a big consumer. You can just press play and carry on (I've done so many times!) with no ill-effects, but I don't know of any way to defeat it, and probably wouldn't anyway, as a flat battery is worse than interrupted sounds!

Hope you enjoy your XF!


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Re fuelling problem, there is a yellow plastic tool in the spare wheel area. Take this out, open the filler cap and look inside. You will see a tab sticking out, use the tool the push it back. This will enable you to add fuel normally. It is designed to detect contaminated fuel but this issue come up so often that i suspect the system can signal this problem where there isn’t one.

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Thanks a lot guys, I did wonder what the yellow plastic tool was for, now I know. Didn't have this issue with my previous 09 XF and the new car wasn't supplied with a handbook. [Now obtained from good old Ebay]. I have to say, this low mileage 13 plate 3. 0 S diesel Portfolio is a superb car in every way, except for the out of date sat nav but I can live with the smart phone alternatives, particularly Waze. Having said that, I would prefer to utilise the built in system but resent paying something like £150 for an upgrade. Shame on you Jaguar, the replacement discs for the previous generation were superior in every way, easier to use and around £28 on Ebay for an updated disc. 

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4 hours ago, Big John said:


Easily had on the Internet. £10 on eBay or Amazon, and if you have Amazon Prime same day delivery if you hurry https://www.amazon.co.uk/Grendle-DIESEL-MISFUEL-DEVICE-RESET/dp/B07RBX6M8S/

Under £5 if you try aliexpress but that takes weeks. 🙂


Thank you

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