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Reversing after parking on a downward slope

Jon Hyde

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Hi All,

I'm curious about my XF's behaviour when reversing (uphill) out of a parking spot with a rather steep slope. It seems to be reluctant to reverse up the slope, needing a fair bit of throttle before moving, then stopping immediately if the throttle is eased off. Discovered this behaviour on a recent trip to (very hilly!) Cornwall.

Is there some king of witchcraft coming into play to prevent the car rolling forward, or is there a problem that I need to get looked into?

Any advice gratefully received!


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7 hours ago, Bigvic said:

When was the oil and filter in the gearbox changed?

Hi Victor,

No idea in my case, it's a 2017 XF S 3.0, I bought it a few months ago with 34K miles on it. Maybe should get it checked


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Not really the mileage for changing the Oil.

Obviously, it wouldn’t do any harm. If you do get it changed, remember to insist on the proper lifeguard Oil and zf filter (which is incorporated in the pan), these two are critical for proper operation

I take it this is just at start up, when the Oil would be cold?

Is there a leak, low on oil?

This isn’t a quirk, it shouldn’t be doing as you say

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