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Hey all. I'm from the states more specifically Northern California. Yes it is important to state northern, SoCal individuals tend to be a bit different. Anyhow I received a beautiful (late model) 2004 x-type 3.0L for valentines this year from my wonderful (pain in the butt) husband. ;) I've never owned a jaguar before, let alone had the chance of sitting in one. I live in a very rural area and my folks own a ranch so.... expensive cars were only for the dreamers. Well it seems like this kid has had a few dreams come true lately.

Anyhow ran across this site when I encountered some issues. And I love all the help u guys offer. Anyhow ill be posting here shortly to see if y'all can help.

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We will try and help you however we can Jessica, only got a Jag for the first time myself a few weeks ago, they are wonderful !


Didn't realise California was so different , my daughter lives in San Francisco, but feel free to pop round for a cup of tea xx


Old Peter and myself (also old) just use our Jags at weekend. This is the car we share during the week , it isn't a wind up, honest !






Trevor x

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love the car trevor... it does look like a wind up but a very classy one. your daughter is not to far from where i live. however she is a brave soul i dont care to much for the hustle and bustle of san francisco. Its lovely to visit but thats about it for me. :) Thank you peter I do enjoy her but she has put an aweful thorn in my side ill be posting here soon. Thank you for your wonderful welcomes.

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