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X Type Sat. Nav.

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Hi, I have just bought an X Type 2lt diesel Sovereign. 2004 model, my first jag. There is 129000 miles on the clock and she is in very good order. The small problem that I have, it has come with no manuals or owners hand book. I have down loaded a couple of versions of these off the net and am getting by.  Neither has she come with a sat. nav. cd.  Not having had sat. nav. on my previous vehicle ( series 2 Landrover ) I am not sure how to purchase the disc . Does anyone know do I buy a genuine Jaguar one or any off the High Street shelf. Dave D.

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Hi Guy's. After a lot of poking and prodding around I have found the Sat disc in one of the seat storage pockets at the back of the front seat's. Put it in the sat nav cd holder in the boot but the display tells me that the installed cd is not a map cd.  What can be the matter, has the laser dusted up and in need of a clean or is something more serious afoot. Dave D.

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Hi David,


If you know someone with an x or s type with a touch screen system, borrowing his CD for a check might to be a bad idea.


When I put my satnav update disc in I put the other in the folder I keep for each car I have owned.  If you want to borrow it just PM me with your address and I will post it to you.  At least it will check if the system is working.





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Thanks for that offer Peter but  there is someone with an S type that will loan me his copy. Didn't think the S was the same. I am in Wrexham North wales and hope, in the Summer, to get around a bit and visit some Jaguar shows. Only attended Landrover and the commercial's  in the past.  Thanks again D.D.

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