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2.2 what to look for

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hi all, new to the site so a few questions  . iam looking to buy a 56or 57 plate 2.2d both have similar mileage at 92k ,what are the common faults i may encounter at this mileage .both have fsh  but i have to look into this further . any help would be great heip thank you kev ps looking to pay about 4k

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Hi Kevin, 


If the cars you are looking at have a full service history it should show if the cam belts have been changed.  On the 2.7 Diesel in the S type they have to be changed at 105k, but I don't know about the X Type.





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I am amazed at the prices you quote for a 2006 and 2007 2.2 x-type, here a 2006 2.0 x-type will set you back 15,900€ (£13,200) It was a big bullet to bite when I bought my 2004 x-type 13,500€ (£11,200) !!



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I paid 4k for my 2.2D Sport a couple of months ago. In regard to cam-belts, the 2.2 has a chain, which, provided the car has been maintained well and serviced properly, will last the life of the motor.


Things I've found with mine - 


Front discs were sh@@ged! I replaced both discs and a set of pads for £63 though (Apec parts).


A bit smokey, but after using Millers Diesel EcoMax and 2-stroke oil, it now runs quietly and completely smoke free. Read one of my earlier posts regarding the fuel additives.


The oil in the engine was like treacle. The servicing garage obviously used their bulk-bought oil which was too thick. I replaced it with Mobil 3000 5W/30 and a genuine Jag oil filter.


Apart from that, mine is faultless. The 2.2 is a much better motor than the 2.0



I had mine chipped a couple of weeks ago by Celtic Tuning, and it now performs like a petrol turbo instead of a diesel and still returns the same economy.

Well worth the £295. Totally transformed the drive!


I can't see the point of the 2.2 in any form other than the Sport. It's a lively motor with loads of low-down grunt and without the Sport suspension it would be a waste of a good engine in my opinion. The response of the engine fits well with the firmer ride and sharper handling, especially now it's chipped!

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Hi Mick,


I also have the 2.2D Sport and had looked into getting it chipped.


My only concern is that I have been told that the extra power could be 'too much' for the car and there is more change of blowing the turbo etc.


Also, would you have to inform your insurance company? and would this void the warranty I have?


Sorry Kev for going completely off your original topic.




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Hi Dean


yes you should inform ur insurance company if you have a nasty bump and they find out its unlikely they would honour your insurance claim i also wouldn't have it done it will only cause things to wear out quicker than they would have under normal conditions your on a mission for a big fail....


and to Peter as for the 2.2 does that have a cam belt or chain the mondeo (same engine i thought) defo has a chain?


and to Kevin bear in mind with that kind of mileage the clutch could fall out of it at anytime depending on how its been driven thats a £1000 job to have done....

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