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Road Tax scammers


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Off topic I know, but relevant to most of us.

Just a warning for you so you hopefully don't get conned.

A mate of mine did a google search for road rax and was led to the following site - https://direct-gov.uk.net/taxdisc_renewal.php

Looks legit doesn't it? And in many ways it is. It's a perfectly legal site offering to assist in getting your

Road tax from the DVLA.

You even get an email confirmation from the DVLA to say your tax disc will be in the post and a few days later, it arrives at your letterbox.

The issue here though is that the site looks almost exactly like the DVLA site, so you would think nothing of applying as normal for your road tax.

In the small print, however, is a £40 charge for their services, which there is no notification of until you've paid!

Apparently this was on the TV not long ago but I missed it. So did my mate, who got caught out by it!

Hopefully by spreading this about, I can put a dent in these theiving sods profits!

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This is a legitimate site and they are not doing anything wrong (In theory) as they are brokering a purchase.


However you could argue that they are duping folk into thinking its a DVLA site, but to get around the rules, the front page states that the site in not affiliated with the DVLA, but I guess many will miss that until the card details are keyed in....


They prey on the folk who either don't normally buy tax online or don't bother to read what the small print, they are twats  :P


Being a Google sponsored link does not help either......

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Yes my boss fell foul of this site too, you must always check the site your on is correct.

Spoof sites trend to always have part of the name of the site you think you are logging into,, beware.

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haha im the same trevor i will be 57 in august but due to wear and tear of moving parts .like and old banger lol  thats great you got one . let us on the site know what like it is. regards charlie

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