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any one know where I can get hold of a




I live in st neots and I phone around but no one I can find has one in stock.

thanks for any help you can give.


would me happy to fit a 2nd hand part for now just to get car back on the road

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Have phone the above apart from sng barratt (will phone tuesday) 

Rimmer Bros. are trying to get one in and are going to ring back Tuesday. 


in all me time doing car repair have never found a part so hard to get. its out there some where in the uk I know it.

wife knows am in love with my jaguar but cleaning it when I cant use it, she thinks is going over the top. lol 

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Try these guys too. Only ever had to order a part twice in 20 years. A lot of their stuff is cheap pattern parts which I steer away from in favour of better quality pattern or genuine, but I expect if these guys can't find you one (or don't actually have one on the shelf already!) that it doesn't exist!


Call them on 01733 557457. Open every day except Xmas Day and New Years Day until 8pm weekdays and 6pm weekends. Open today too despite Bank Holiday

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