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XF boot opening

alan 1

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Hi all I have joined this club today as I have been reading with interest the saga of the Xf automatic boot opening. On my first xf as it seems with every ones on here when it was a warm day it would shoot open fully on a cold day it would at best just about unlock in my opinion just very poor quality cheep gas springs. I have taken delivery of my new xf s and to my amazement the boot unlocks only not even trying to rise. I took it back to the dealers on Saturday and they didn't even know if it should open or not. So they compared it with another xf and that didn't open either so there considered opinion was its not supposed to fully open and then proceeded to tell me it was a safety feature to prevent it hitting a child, wow that must be a tall child. So I tried to contact Jaguar today firstly the email service wasn't working so I dialled the number on the screen got through to a lady who listened to my questions then told me she would put me through to the technical dept and kept me hanging on 6 mins or more and another lady came on obviously now briefed by the first lady and told me that the boot should not open she thinks and I said it is a poor show as my friends new skoda flies open  much to his amusement and her reply was well I wouldn't want my boot to open as if the wind caught it , it could cause damage and that her Renault maganne doesn't do it. Well it does appear that new XFs boots do not fully open unlike older models that did sometimes. Does anyone know how to change the gas struts so they can open the boot?


  Thanks all



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Welcome to the club .


Just a very quick look, but I came across this.




And this elsewhere on this site:




Hope it helps and you get it sorted.





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Welcome to the Club, Alan.


Trevor has given you some thoughts.


I am quite mystified as to why Jaguar are a bit poor on their customer service.


But there are some children in Brummagem who like walking around on stilts!





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Hi Alan


I do believe being gas struts a lot of the problem lies on our great british weather I'm sure on a hot day the boot will open much further if not all the way but on a cold day it will not due to the expansion/contraction of the gas in the strut

I'm pretty sure that if they fitted a strut that would fully open the boot in our coldest of temperatures -18 a few years ago I can recall coldest I remember but I'm only young.... (stop laughing) then come the summer months when its getting into the 30's your boot lid maybe flying off and denting that lovely bonnet.....

the only way that it could be made to work is to be fully motorised so regardless of weather it would just work (until the motor packed up atleast) that would be great with a motor installed they could make it close the boot too :-)




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