XJS New Engine Pistons

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I am trying to locate some new engine pistons for a friend. Does anyone know of a company that makes or supplies them by chance?

Jaguar XJS Coupe , 1983 V12 (High Efficiency) 5.3

I have tried a few places so far with no joy:

Jaguar Heritage Parts - no but very helpful
martinrobey.co.uk - no
rob-beere-racing.co.uk - no
xrnengineering.co.uk - no

The specific part is no longer supplied by Jaguar.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Hi Buck

You could try David Manners Jaguar Parts contact David Manners Ltd


00 44 (0) 121 544 4040. by fax. 00 44 (0) 121 544 5558. by post or visit us at. David Manners Ltd 991 Wolverhampton Road Oldbury Birmingham B69 4RJ

Hope this is of some help


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HI Buck,


I was going to suggest the David Manners Group which is quite local to me, but Andrew has already done so.


I have used BreakerYard in the past with a little success.





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