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Halfords discount card

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I'm intrigued as to how I can get hold of the discount card available for halfords explanations of how to use it are great. But I must be missing something as I cannot find the simple data of how to obtain the card. Am I missing something or has the discount been withdrawn. Please can someone guide in the right direction. Thanks

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it will come though the post with your other membership stuff David it may take a couple of weeks Admin send it out via royal mail as a rule. give it another week or so it should have arrived by then  if not send an an email over to admin  

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hi Dave when you use your halfords card they may look a bit dumb, but it acts like their staff discount card each time ive used mine there staff say they never seen one one of these. the discount code is valid and a few times ive even got the higher discount of 25% 



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Evening Ron,



Hope you're ok, the owners club shirt that I ordered with the Premium member fee paid on the 5th August, has arrived today, 21st August, however sadly its a "Ford tee-shirt" in the wrong size and colour. Can you tell who to e-mail to receive the correct garment.





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Used my card at Halfords  a few times and as you say Ron they sometimes look a bit blank but I always get the discount. I've used it for Europarts as well, a good saving if you're buying something big like a battery. I couldn't fathom out how to use it when ordering from the Halfords  internet site but I'm sure there's a way..


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