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which fault code reader


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hi to everybody , can anybody suggest a good fault code reader , I want to get something I can keep in my  jaguar  s type 2002 just in case . i have looked on various auction sites  and they  all say they cover jaguars  but  which one .I do have a  verus but  i would not leave it  in the boot

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It all depends on how much you want spend, not sure about the jaguar, but most generic one I've seen only displays fault codes for the engine management

If that's the case, then the nav touch screen, has one built in, that will bring up fault codes and you can reset them also

you can get a mongoose lead and software for about £80 and you can do every thing the dealer can, if your brave enough

Ive got a mongoose lead and paid £80 for and the software works on all windows formats, I only use it for faults codes and basic stuff, I recommend leaving the software updating to the dealers as if you get it wrong you can brick various ecu's

A good generic code reader is best if your a novice, as you cant do any damage to software, but you want to find one thats will read all the modules on the car

be interesting to see what people recommend on here as I've only ever used jaguar mongoose

also if you thinking of getting mongoose, you need version 130 - 131 to work with pre 2005 cars using IDS as versions after 131 only work best with after 2005 cars using SDD



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Hi Liam,

The mechanic who has serviced my cars since 2002 has a diagnostic tool that he bought for  £2500.  I have one that cost me £20 off Ebay.

There is a wide difference.

The mongoose is a great system but I would not be brave enough to use it as Joe puts it.

I just keep my little one in the boot, and the only times I have used it is when the EML comes on and it has told me P0402   --  Google tells me that there is too much exhaust  gas not getting into the EGR valves.  Cure -- a good blast.

The first time it happened Jaguar charged me £65!

Luckily, I have had no other issue in almost three years.

A code reader that reads all the modules will definitely finds its way into my boot eventually.



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thank you all ,for your advice and guidance I will  look at my options the autel range of fault code readers look interesting and further consideration  if i find a promising candidate i will  post my findings   regards to all



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Bit old this topic but having purchased a 3.0s and having lots of non engine related issues was looking at a code reader which covered ABS and other systems and came across this bad boy, anyone any info on if it's any good or not?


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